Monday, February 9, 2009

What $10 Will Buy You.

Admittedly, I am standing a little behind this vase of flowers... but not by much. It's a pretty accurate depiction of my head versus the size of the bouquet... the flowers are about twice as big.

Their fragrance fills up a very large room, and it helps me write the poetic, and important, document I'm trying to finish this week. It also makes you think about having a wedding in Costa Rica, if for the flower prices alone!


  1. You're cuter than the flowers

  2. I disagree. I think that the flowers are cuter. JK. Kathryn

  3. Last time I stuck my head in flowers like that, I ended up having the orange pollen glued to my face and clothes for the rest of the day. That stuff does not come off...but I'm sure they smell lovely. P.S It's snowing here, can you send the sunshine over?