Sunday, February 8, 2009

La Playa in Uvita - part of Parque Nacional Marina Ballena.

Believe it or not, this was considered a busy day at the beach... but you can see how hard it was to get pictures of the sweeping vistas! Busy for here, maybe, but I still felt practically alone! The day was sunny and beautiful, with storm clouds gathering in the jungle above, as we walked back to take afternoon naps. At low tide, there's a large rock tunnel filled with awesome little crabs. The dozen or so other people on the beach were grilling, talking, playing - but not much swimming. Ticos, as Costa Ricans are called, are much more interested in freshwater rivers for their water recreating. (So even though that's not me wading into the water, we were the only three people to swim in the couple hours there!) The warmth of the water was truly stunning to a girl from the West, and the beauty of the ocean is infinite, wondrous and ever the same... I only hope I can live by it someday.

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  1. Hi Em! Sounds like you have the perfect "get fit" pre-wedding program! I, on the other hand, am doing it the old-fashion way-- lots of will power and gym time...not as much fun. But we are paying so damn much to have our pictures taken that day that I want to look back many years from now and be able to say, "Damn I looked good back then." Then again, when we are older with wrinkles and sagging body parts, we probably will say that we looked good back then anyway...regardless of an extra 5 pounds! --Kathryn