Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy SuperBowl Sunday!

For the first time a few years, I'm missing the SuperBowl at Meggie and Eric's - what a bummer!!

I changed the comment settings, so anyone should be able to comment now, sorry 'bout that. And thanks for the comments, everyone. I absolutely love them. I'm still without a phone, so it's a real connection for me.

The only thing better than a SuperBowl Sunday nap in the jungle? A SuperBowl Sunday nap in the jungle with the rain, pattering on the tin roof above.

One pic for today: me in front of an anthill on a hike yesterday. (Yes, a hike. Me. On a hike. Mostly willingly. At the end of said hike was a waterfall, more pics soon.)


  1. Hi Honey--Atta girl--Bradley & your Dad are proud of you! Remember all those hikes with the 4 of us, you begrudgingly keeping pace? (well, you & I never kept up).

    You look very fit!!
    Springstein was very cool at Super Bowl half time (the only part I watched, of course).

    The tropics sound real good about now!!
    Love,love, Mom

  2. I am not surprised you went hiking, I am surprised you knew it was Super Bowl Sunday! Tropics, Grenada, here I come, I'll wave to Costa Rica from the plane. Love ya, Molly

  3. Hey Emily!
    Glad to hear everything is going so great for you down there! Hiking... I'll be sure to tell Brad- he'll think it's great! We still don't have the Internet out there, so he hasn't been able to see much of your blog yet. But don't worry, I update him daily. Enjoy the fun and the sun and can't wait to see more pics! Take care!!!

  4. Thanks for making it easier to leave a comment (I didn't find it to be too user-friendly!) Must be nice to fall asleep to the sounds of a REAL jungle and not just the CD sounds of one...Have I mentioned how jealous I am of your adventure yet? -Kathryn

  5. omg THAT is an ant hill! that's amazing...and gross! I'm itchy just thinking about all those ants