Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Favorite Sound?

That's Bruno, at the office today. (Our office at CAVU, not his office at the airport.) I felt he deserved a nice head shot after his internet introduction with the ol' wheels-up. Stately, isn't he? El Famoso, claro que si! And now the guards at the office gate greet Bruno, more than me, with a "Buenas" at all times of day. Sigh.

So... you know on "Inside the Actor's Studio" how the ab-fab James Lipton always asks, "What's your favorite sound?" as part of the final questionnaire part?

Don't tell me you don't try to think of yours. You do. We all do.

Mine change each time I watch the show.

So today, I hate to be cheesy, but I thought of all the things I miss hearing in real life or on the phone, about a month into my trip, and though this is FAR from a complete list, a few of my favorite sounds are the voices of my friends, and I'm thinking of them tonight...

When John says almost anything - when he laughs, when he growls, when he sighs in his sleep. When he says I love you, and when he calls me pie.

When Torry says "Fantastic!" (This is the best. I am sad for you if you don't know Torry telling you something is fantastic.)

When Bill laughs.

How Brigitte laughs.

(I wonder if its part of their magic as a couple, or that they just both happen to have wonderful, explosive, genuine, heart-tugging laughs? But when they laugh, you feel satisfied. End of story.)

When Jordan says "NO!" in disbelief. (In a Spanish accent.)

How Hanna says hi on the phone. Honestly. She gives a great, sad, funny, we've-been-friends-almost-twenty-years "hi."

When Micheal says "Goodbye Emily" at the end of every phone call, no matter how quick the call.

How Dad says "Oh, hi!" when I call.

Meggie's French, but in particular: TopCool. (Also, when she and Eric speak fake-French to each other. Ahhhh, blissful.)

When Erin says "What...?" with disbelief and anticipation about a story I'm gonna tell.

When Lisa says "ab-fab."

How Nikola says "Oh! It's like..." (Do you know what I mean? You have to have had a very late conversation with Nikola to know when she wonderfully links two thoughts, two theories, two world experiences...)

How Julie greets me at CK. "Emily!!"

When Arthur sings in the car on the way to wine country.

How Lin doesn't say anything and sits down for a blueberry unicorn with A Nod. (Stories shall begin.)

The way Bennedetto/B Love/B/Bennett pronounces Emil.

The sound of any voice mail message I have ever received from Jason Malone.

When Pickel says "I love you" or "Thanks."

The start of a happy Adrienna about to tell me a story.

When David says, "Oh. My God." during a story.

How Molly's smile comes through over the phone. (And her frowns, too.)

When my text messages ping with a greeting from Sean.

The sound of it in my head when Tony says something awesome on IM.

Meg saying "WooHoo!" ... especially when out dancing.

Shannon calling me a pet name.

When Leighton says, "Yeah, son!"

Kelly describing a crafting idea. (Something I know nothing about, yet, the passion is contagious.)

Megan talking to Marcus. (And now, I imagine, to Daphne.)

And, to end on the squishiest of squishy notes... pretty much anything my mom says, from niceties to worries to my favorite, "Hi Honey!" is the best sound ever.

(I am too tired to keep writing. I am, not, however, out of sounds I love. You are not forgotten or ignored, and will probably be on the next list.)

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  1. Emily - you are a person, full of personness and fair times of day. May your soap bubbles be large and wobbly and your tortilla chips salty with a satisfying crunch.

    Also, seriously when Torry says "Fantastic!" ... no freakin' joke, there are these two pixies who fly out of her eyes and high-five.