Friday, February 6, 2009

Fitness Regime.

I know I keep promising beach photos - I will upload them tomorrow!! But in the meantime, a quick diversion before I fall into bed, completely exhausted.

You know all the things you tell yourself, as reasons why you can't lose weight or get into better shape? (Whatever better means to you, that is.) Well, I believe you. Whether it's the doughnuts at the office or the cold weather that means no afternoon runs, or whatever it is, it's real.

Mine, as most of you know, is snacking. I probably eat as many calories in snacks each day as I do at meals. Well, I'm spending time with folks who not only don't really snack, they truly keep only healthy food around. No chips, no cookies, no trail mix from Costco, nothing, nada. It's like I'm on a reality show. I go to the fridge... nope. The pantry? Nope.

So I settle maybe for some fresh mango, and lots and lots of water. Am I hungry? Not really. I'm head-hungry, but not actually hungry. I do know that I don't have the self-discipline to do this at home!!

All of this is a very tired, very roundabout way of saying that I'm convinced between the lighter eating, the fresh fruit, the lack of snacking and the when-in-Rome action of me working out more (from never to sometimes)... I will end up being all fit for the wedding I said I wasn't going to lose weight for!

And it's also a way of saying that moving to another country where you don't speak the language and living with very healthy, active people is THE ONLY WAY to get in shape, for me. So I better enjoy the wedding photos in May, because kiddos, this is probably going to be the best I ever look.

I miss you all. Today was my first day of a big pang of homesickness, so thanks for stopping by to read the blog and I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you.


  1. Well if the dress doesn't fit when you get back...we have three weeks before the wedding. I dare say we can get a lot of tapas in you in three weeks. And many calories can a bacon-wrapped date have in it anyway? I mean it's fruit for goodness' sake.

    Speaking of getting healthy that's my only plan for the weekend. This afternoon was the first time this week I haven't been desperately pouring water down my throat. Speaking of which, you're drinking lots of water? Wait. Did you tell someone your password? Folks, I think this blog has been hijacked by Richard Simmons or somebody.

    We miss you too. Thanks for blogging, it's incredibly nice to hear where you're at.

    (Also...FYI: the year-ol Persuasion made for TV, although outrageously short, is pretty crazy romantic tearjerker.)

  2. Homesickness. Bleck. I wondered when the first wave would hit. Let mango and the knowledge all your friends back in the states are COLD and jealous guide you on. Also apparently we are all ill.

    Speaking of water, Emily I have not had an actual diet coke for one week. That's what food poisoning does.

    Also, bacon is totally a fruit. In some cultures. It comes from a tree. You should see the turducken tree. Do I have to explain the birds and the bees now too? *sigh*

  3. Love you em! Molly

  4. Although I don't live near you at home so it sounds silly to say but we miss you too! I really can't wait to see you in May at your wedding!!!!! I love the picture of the crab from your most recent post. I swear as soon as I get a day job I'm going to start taking some photography classes!
    And for someone who never works out you actually look great! So I'm sure you'll look amazing at your wedding...and John will be so excited to see you and think you are beautiful anyway! Love you Em!