Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same.

So the blog will have gorgeous beach photos in a day or so, but in reality, I leave early, early tomorrow AM to fly back to San Jose. Today was a work day like... remember writing a paper in college, in one day, because you blew off weeks of prep time? Well, imagine having to do that, a couple times a week, because deadlines come up at least that often. Today was that kind of work haze, the stress, the fixation, the frustration.

Of course, I rounded out the day with a swim in the pool and wine overlooking the ocean, but you get my point.

So before I leave la jungla... it's funny how quickly one can adjust. I stepped in howler monkey poop yesterday and was like, oh sheesh. Monkey caca. I brushed off a cicada from the bed without thinking, and swept the tiniest lizard you ever saw out of my bedroom onto the deck this morning.

And it's equally funny what doesn't change. During some social and business dinners this week... heartbreak is heartbreak in any language. Women get hung up on men that aren't worth it the world over. People who love their dogs would do anything for them in the mountains, in the jungle, on the beach, if it means preserving their health and happiness. And babies, well babies are always welcome. And, yes, que linda, pregnant women are just as gorgeous as can be in English, Spanish, Spanglish and more.

Over and out. It's wheels up at 8:30 AM and back to la ciudad!

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  1. Writing a comment just to say hello, and I'm loving following your blog, and dang that ant hill was huge, and my new personal goal is to one day step in monkey poop and have it faze me not one bit.

    You sound fantastic! Continue to have a great time!