Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Here's a tip...

If you wear your workout pants backwards, don't be embarrassed. Don't call it an accident. Just enjoy the fact that the waistband rests comfortably above your belly roll instead of comfortably over your behind! A win win!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

You learn something new every day.

Today, I learned the second half of an old idiom, that I had never, not once, heard before!

Run it up the flagpole, and see if anyone salutes.

How did I not know this!?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I can read his mind.

John wakes me up the other morning, after his workout, while I'm lingering in the dark, pretending I can sleep another hour - but I only have five more minutes.

"Baby, guess what!?" he says with utter glee. "Today is best day of all the days, since we have been together, can you guess what has happened?"

"Mmmm. It's snowing?" I slightly slur, with a sleepy voice.

"Nope, baby, it's not snowing. It's something that's never happened."

"Ummm, David Bowie has a new album out?"

"Yes! David Bowie has a new album out! Yes! Today is his birthday! 14 tracks! It's coming out in March!"

And while I'm delighted that his musical idol is releasing a new album - is it Bowie's 29th or 30th, I shall let you debate that with him - I'm even more delighted that even in my near-sleep, I can pick up on the unique energy of his voice, his posture, his psychic messages and learn stuff like this. Ah, mawwiage. This is one of the cool parts!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A new year, a new you.

I initiate resolutions all year long - on my birthday, when the seasons change, on the first of any month, after a terrible hangover. But new year's resolutions are, without a doubt, the best ones. My favorites. And I let them roll on in the first couple weeks of the year; I'm not a stickler for exact start dates and nor am I all-or-nothing about perfect attendance. Once again, I am certain I will floss every day in 2013. So far, 3 days down!

But the other, current two resolutions are a bit different than in years past. First, I'm on a Facebook diet. A fast, actually. I deactivated my profile until January 31; then, I'll decide what I want to do with the site, and how. I'm enjoying the freedom from it so far but it has been (probably not that) shocking to see how often I open a tab to check it.

Second, at the advice of a new wonderful friend, I thought all last week about my word for 2013. This is the word that I'll keep reminding myself of when I'm faced with a decision - big or small - or experiencing that daily uptick in stress, the rising feeling of being overwhelmed by all the things I should do - next - now - quickly - perfectly - !

And the word is: grounding.

Webster's defines that as basic training or instruction in a subject. My subject is life - better living - and better living today, not on some far-off other day. For 2013, then, I ask: what would be the most grounding thing I can do in this moment? What decision will be most in line with the open, loving, connected and in-awe life I want to live, and want to look back on living when the end comes? That is the decision I'll make, each time - and I've already used it twenty times in less than five days! This is going to be a year of rewarding grounding. And you?

What's your word for this year?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

That settles it.

When you're wearing something you're not really sure about, style-wise, and then someone whose style you abhor sees you and immediately blurts out, "Cute skirt!!" you know it's time for it to go to the clothes swap. Decision: made.