Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Moment of Crazytown: Did I Dream This?

So the bruise picture above is a simple mosquito bite! I've always had sweet blood but boy oh boy. My bites right now are EPIC.

I share it because I find it kind of amazing, and I share it because maybe I am going crazy. Why, you ask? I remember hearing somewhere once that an east wind drives people mad. Was it an old wives tale, a Dustbowl Era saying, from a play or novel? (Maybe I dreamt it?)

At any rate, it's been a windy winter in San Jose... around dusk, and often in the early mornings, I am startled by huge gusts of wind, the kind of wind that's not too common in Portland. It's more like Livingston, MT wind! It comes from the east, and it feels foreboding. It cruises past the comfortable point... it rattles things a little too much, it blows doors shut loudly, it scratches the windows with big palm leaves. It peaks and I realize I was holding my breath, listening nervously.

I've never been so aware of the wind. Is it because I'm getting a daily dose of east wind - is it driving me mad? Or is it a mosquito bite side effect?


  1. Hi sweetie--
    I know nothing about east winds & mosquito have that sensitive skin!!
    can you get some avon skin so soft, supposed to be a great insect repellant....
    try some ice on the bite. that wind does sound disconcerting...

  2. Use bug spray. Watch out for leishmaniasis (known locally, I think, as papalamoyo) and dengue fever. Both are lovely parting gifts I received after a couple of great years in CR. They suck, literally, big time. And, did I mention you should use bug spray? Or clothing, or Permanone...

  3. I say you should walk around with a mosquito net over your head. Tell everyone you're a huge fan of Día de los Muertos and you're just prepping for the big day. Hang in there, Emmy! Miss you!

  4. I must second your friends vote for bug spray...I know we all want to be kind but DEET is definitely your friend down there. Leishmania is VERY common over there. You actually get it from Sand Flies (they look like mosquitoes...same family). They tend to come out at night and bite the heck out of your ankles. So at least spray those. And El Famoso should have a "Scalibor" collar. Should be heavily marketed down there...

  5. If they would just clear cut the bloody jungle already the skeeters wouldn't be a problem, right?