Friday, February 20, 2009

Chicken. Road. Crossing.

Tonight was the first real tear-filled breakdown, a combination of language-isolation and frustration (a sink or swim when I sank!!), alone-ness and neediness. The story shall come this weekend when I'm in a better zone to tell it. I'm safe, I'm fine, and like losing my diary in France (remember, Meggie?!?!?!), it will be funny... LATER.

In the meantime, how do people cross the road in countries with no traffic signals? As they say, very carefully.

Here, you walk across the oncoming lane, stand on the yellow line, hope the cars are small and the motorbikes are few, wait till the next lane is clear, and run for it. I thought this was insane until I realized its a matter of daily course in San Jose.

I admit, I'm not a big fan. But it was sort of thrilling this morning with a backpack on, computer and wallet inside, orange juice in one hand and toasty bagels for CAVU peeps in the other. The cars took no notice of my big accomplishment. ; )

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