Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Makes It Work?

Every time I read Pride and Prejudice, I hope and hope and hope Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth will get together, and am delighted when they do.

When Casablanca is on, I always think Rick and Ilsa will find a way.

Throughout the Alanna YA series, I will never stop rooting for the royal Jonathon over the slick, sexy thief George. (Seriously; check it out.)

Logan kissing Veronica? On the balcony of that cheap hotel? GOOD TIMES, every time. (I'm not posting this kiss; put in the time with the DVDs and live the thrill.)

Lame as it might be... no matter the production -- on stage, on film, on paper -- I scream inside my head for Juliet to wake up earlier than she does. (Damn that Balthazar!!! This is why timeliness is important!)

When Gilbert survives his fever, I am deeply relieved and it is the only time I agree that, yes, joy cometh in the morning.

Josh actually survives a shooting; Leo takes a drink!!!!; Ainsley makes me rethink the ERA; CJ laughs in the face of Marion Coatsworth Haye; the President gets high on pain pills. And every time - or time after time, John might say - it is funny, heartwarming, surprising and thought-provoking. Yup.

So, it works. The first time, the next time, and the 50th time. And I am comforted in the enduring legacy of high art, low art, entertainment and flash with or without substance. But those things work for me; what makes it work for you?

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  1. That Logan/Veronica cheap balcony scene IS SOOO GREAT. I'm embarassed at how much I wanted to cheer. I rarely rewatch series (or reread books- with a grand exception to Pride and Prejudice AE version and Ender's Game) but maybe I will. When good is really good, I think it stays that way.

    Also nice work on the comments!

    Also also: My Name is Kelly (I speak spanish and slovak)