Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No One Could Possibly Know.


Great clip here.

The reporter astutely tell us no one can know why teen pregnancy is on the rise, but leave it to Good Morning America to take ONE stab at it... that the fear of AIDS/HIV has lessened and thus, kids ain't using condoms.

Yes I am sure that is what it is. I mean, who could know? Who could possibly have any idea why this rate is up? Surely no studies have been done, surely it is a mystery of the big, bad, scary world.


Oh yes, that's right. Perhaps banning "any other education regarding sexual conduct" might have consequences.

And, really, telling us 8 of 10 teen fathers eventually leave the mother? WHO COULD BELIEVE THAT. MEN AND WOMEN ARE EQUAL, people! That's what I was taught. No differences, nope, nope.

And props to a Jezebel commenter for pointing out GMA's on-screen graphic: What if your teen is pregnant? How about... what if your teen got someone pregnant?

But. La, la, la, la, la, no differences.



    (I think that aptly captures how I feel.)

  2. These are all excellent points and very true.

    Course as you know this is one of those areas where I freely admit to my gut instinct being in the wrong (it doesn't help my gut's chances of being right that I know little or no actual facts on the subject)....but the one bit I'm a bit curious about...you seem to imply that in your life you've found that the general opinion of "them" or the man or the reigning cultural paradigm etc is that men and women are the same. In the immortal words of Ms. Donna Moss herself, "This has not been my experience."

    I know in my life I've more frequently heard your "boys will be boys" and "math is harder for girls" (<--heard that one just today) type comments. All the cultural cliches on the subject that immediately spring to my mind are of the "where men have intellect women have soul" and "sugar and spice and everything nice / snakes snails puppy dog tails" "women are from venus" "men can't be nurturing" variety.

    About the only thing that both sides of ignorant old conventional wisdom seem to generally agree on is that the opposite sex of whoever is speaking is the somehow inferior one.

    ---Anonymous?!? What? Like anybody here doesn't know who wrote this.