Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First and Last.

Why is it that the first bite of cake is the best?

And then, the last bite of a sandwich... when you've eaten all 'round the crusts and just the middle is left... is the best.

I have to go with the first sip of a milkshake as the most superior and the last bite of risotto as king there.

Sweet versus savory, perhaps? But Chinese food is best on the first bite so that can't be right.

I may or may not be eating cake for breakfast.


  1. and again, you're awesome. i concur with the above bests, and also now want cake for breakfast.

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  3. Mmmmmmm...breakfast cake. I've also been known to bust out a camping cake. There may be one at Montucky. An anytime cake. Yum.

  4. A friend and I had a long agreement about the following. It works I think mostly (and maybe only) with apples. If you and your friend are both eating apples, your friend's apple is always going to taste better than yours. (And yours to them.) We checked this theory dozens of times during our friendship. It always held true. I don't know if it would anymore. :)