Monday, January 25, 2010

What's on your silver platter?

If someone were to hand you something today, what do you dream it might be?

While I would love my Monday-morning silver platter to contain a winning lottery ticket, or a round-the-world trip in exchange for my journal of the experience, or the opportunity to direct a blockbuster... let's keep it a bit more realistic. No one from Hollywood is going to call me this morning, that's for sure.

So what's a within-the-boundaries-of-your-life opportunity or gift or event that you know, deep down, you'd be right for?

For me? I've been casting about for a career for, oh, ten years or so, and I've been interested in so many things... heck, even this blog can't find a focus!... that I have never been able to narrow it down and pick one (women's issues advocate, counseling, nursing, English professor, to name a few...).

So now, my storied past as a mediator with the state of Oregon, a hospice volunteer, a nanny, a waitress, a theater geek and a film-set taskmaster, plus my natural love of organization, planning, providing and helping are all coming together. It's the beginning of a new era, folks, with a new job. My first full-time office job and my entre to a world that can encompass all my many interests.

So greetings, politics. Away we go. (And more to come.)


  1. Congratulations! When do you begin?!

  2. How exciting! Are you going to tell us more about what exactly you're doing/where you're working?

  3. So happy for you!!

    any tips on defining what one's silver platter item looks like???....

  4. Congrats Emily! Can't wait to hear all about it.