Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Zero.

My friend Torry has this theory called Day Zero. It is nothing short of brilliant. She points out that after a raucous and amazing New Year's Eve, it really isn't fair of the new year to go and show up the very next morning. It's downright rude.

So, there ought to be a Day Zero. This next day needs to be one of laziness, recovery, making plans, sorting resolutions and eating, eating, eating. After that? The new year can start, on Day One.

This year, we (I) had a Weekend Zero... Friday, Saturday and Sunday - the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the new year - were spent in near-total hedonism. Lots of eating, napping, chatting, staying up too late and discussing resolutions that will come to pass once Weekend Zero is over.

And alas, even I have to admit 2010 has begun; it's the Monday to beat all Mondays. Work life is about to undergo a serious change, and all kinds of excellent (but flexible) resolutions are shaping up. Stay tuned.

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