Sunday, January 31, 2010

Changes in Perspective.

I'm not sure how much to reveal, or not, on this-y here blog, but the new job is filled with interesting things. A little sleuthing over the next week or two may answer your questions about what it is...

My new co-workers and I are completely devoted to the work of our boss. So this is the huge change for me: not only am I learning new work, I am learning an entirely new industry. There is an enormous amount of actual work to do, but I've never been in an arena where we all toil so boldly and transparently in service to a single person. That may sound odd; it sort of felt odd.

Felt? Not feels? Well, as I learn both the tiny details and big picture of the gig, I keep reminding myself that my boss, and only 434 other people in the whole country, do what he does. (Or 534 depending on your inclusivity.) It is like a wave that keeps lapping at my toes... a cool reminder, again and again, that this is big.


  1. Ok, because I already know what you are doing, I will not cheat. Can't wait to hear how the first few weeks go.

  2. sending you energy, & love...
    thinking of your job in that way reveals the importance/bigness of the work...