Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The neglect ends now.

(Of this blog.)

Far be it from me to withhold an opinion just because I happen to not be fully informed... I am really, really, really tired of hearing folks rip on "It's Complicated" (or any other Nancy Meyers film) because of her lavish attention to over-the-top domestic details. As in, kitchens stuffed with Le Creuset cookware and Reidel wine glasses, rich woodwork and detailed paint jobs; bathrooms with porcelain clawfoot tubs and L'Occitane products strewn about; bedrooms with billion-count sheets and lighting that nearly airbrushes.

Because it's an attack on domestic fantasy, a reduction of some peoples' harmless household imaginings. And is it coincidental that those fantasies tend to appeal more to women than men?

If the reason you're not seeing a Nancy Meyers film is that she wrote "The Holiday" then you have my full support. But if the reason for not seeing it is that her depiction of domestic bliss is unrealistically expensive/indulgent, then I hope similar bans are placed upon Bruce Wayne and his Batmobile, Megan Fox taped into her tiny costumes while blowing ish up, and Seth Rogen getting the girl.

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  1. I hate Seth Rogen films. Also I'm totally going to see "It's Complicated" when it comes out on DVD. I don't know if anyone can be forgiven for "The Holiday," but two sorority girls next to me in Starbucks last week declared (through squeals of delight) that it was their favorite film.