Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spelling Jeanyuses.

It has been proven over and over again that spelling skills are not correlated with intelligence. And yet, as a deep Southern accent screams "uneducated", so do bad spelling skills. Some really top-notch stuff from Facebook today...
  • "the cops were banging on my nabor's door" (ah, that rascally neighbor on Mt. Tabor)
  • "it was scarey, he was sesering" (pointed out to be seizure-ing)
  • "i'm now excepting gift cards for xmas" (how are you doing that??)
  • "bad day - getting splashed with the hater-aid" (they must mean hater-ade, right? surely she doesn't want to HELP the haters?)
Spelling snobbery is snobbery of the worst kind, I say with a sniff. But nabor?! Happy December, all.


  1. I use to think I was a good speller. B/c in my family I am. It's all relative. Zach squashes my spelling-ability flame. HOWEVER, little lines appear under EVERYTHING now. Facebook. Gmail. Yellow sticky notes. It's the red line of God. Don't be lazy. At least try a second time.

  2. Hey now! I went to high school with a lot of deep southerners who went on to fine educations. But you're still right (example of hater-aid).

  3. could it be relatd to the spelling of names.
    "Sidknee" for Sydney? Really! Makes me crazy too.

  4. Oh, no -- fix my spelling error, ha!