Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fresh or Frozen?

As intimacy in a partnership grows, so does confidence... in each other's grocery shopping skills. While I still write things like "flour: all purpose, enriched, unbleached" on the shopping list (because, hey!, there are many options in that aisle and I want to make it easy!) and he specifies the ranking of preferred body wash scents (Aqua Reef is #1, Pure Sport is #2 and After Dark is always last), it's a joy to find that some things become fully simpatico.

We'd never, ever buy frozen Brussels sprouts after falling in love with fresh ones in recent years; on the list this now never needs to be specified. Tortillas always mean Guerrero brand and "apples" never, ever means Golden Delicious! It means Pink Lady or Honeycrisp, but of course.

And though I am confessional and cozy today, I can admit that sure, this probably sounds about as boring as all-get-out to the single and fabulous. But I promise it is so great to write down "bananas" and get three organic, on-the-green-side snacks, just like ya like 'em. Ahh.

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