Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Needed Diversion.

I am deeply interested in politics and greater social forces, big ideas and consciousness-raising. I am. But sometimes you just need to read a little news that is hardly news, and the day before Thanksgiving is that day.

So this article about last night's first Obama administration State Dinner... ahhhh, that's the ticket.

Michelle Obama selected hydrangeas, sweet peas and roses for the centerpieces!? I knew we were kindred spirits! (That was what my wedding bouquet was comprised of.) They served food from their garden, and Jhumpa Lahiri was a guest?! I want to corner her and make her tell me a story over White House eggplant!

Plus a gold gown on the First Lady? Just perfect. And now, on with your day before a four-day weekend.


  1. yep, you and Michelle!
    she was as beautiful as I've ever seen her, what a dress.

    the msm & right wing morons still trash them -- what a consciousness clash. Must keep reminding myself to breathe & focus on the light, be the change!

  2. Mmmm...and the green and purple offsetting the vermeil...I'm sure purists would say that much color is terribly gauche but it makes me swoon and generally I can't stand gold, much prefer silver.

    One complaint though of an otherwise perfect place setting: the menu in the napkin. I love that the napkin is folded slimmer and taller than usual, but they still used the standard menu size so it could only stick slightly into the napkin. The menu should have been printed slim and tall as well so that it could slip into the napkin like a sheath. It seems like there was a miscommunication between the left hand and the right hand there.

  3. Oh...and the folks that say that much color is gauche...same people that are always mentioning that cake is never served in the best houses these days.