Thursday, December 3, 2009

Actions, not words.

You know the feeling of getting into a cold bed? Where the door to the bedroom has been closed all day, with the heat off, and it's 35 degrees outside? It's a corner room so it is drafty? You know the feeling of cold, cold sheets on your bare toes and tired body?

It is real love - in action, and not just words - when your husband lies on your side for five minutes first, warming it up for you, and then endures the cold a second time on his side. Cue: awwww.


  1. Does he let you stick your frigid feet up against his nice warm body? That's how I know my husband is the real deal.

  2. you are entirely correct: THAT is love.

    but i also must recommend my single-person solution that was taught to me by a friend: i have a $30 electric throw blanket that i put under the fitted sheet. it turns itself off after three hours, so it's perfect for pre-heating the bed but not being too hot all night. the first time i climbed into the pre-heated bed was an absolute revelation. do it.

  3. You guys just passed your 6 months' anniversary...a-w-w-w-w-w.

    (p.s. it's 20 below zero & I live alone....thanks, Nicole.
    Senior discount day at Ross, flannel sheets.)