Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Hot to Think, but not Too Hot for a Soapbox Moment.

The cultural zeitgeist, the rise and fall of ideas in the collective unconscious, the spreading Portland ennui about a given topic... you can find all this, and much more, on Facebook! Yes, you can!

But this week, if one more person writes a status update about how they are from the Northeast, or Midwest, or South, or Southwest, and that anyone bitching about the heat is just a whiner, I might sign up their email address for every e-newsletter I can find. (And as you may know, I can find quite a few.)

The perfect candidate for this is a person who has been complaining about the complainers for three or four days on Facebook now, in complete honesty... who then added this morning that s/he lives with AC at work as well as at home.

Was it tongue-in-cheek? I am too cranky from the heat to discern. And s/he can go right back to the Midwest/Southwest/South/Northeast, places that I guess it is OK to complain about the heat. I meanwhile am from Montana, and can complain as much, as much, as much as I want.* And I will gladly listen to your tale of overheated woe.

*But, oh, yes, right. I won't. Because our R2-D2 portable air-co machine saves lives. For real. B & B, gifters of the world's most magical gift, need to know that without it, I might be here; John might be here; but we wouldn't be here alive together.


  1. Dude, preach! It was 106F yesterday.

    They're the same people who snarked, "I'm from the MidWest/Alaska/the Moon -- this isn't cold," during the Christmas blizzard.

    Speaking of which, is there a Superfriends Villain in charge of the weather here now?

  2. WHAT?!?! NIKOLA?!?!?

    I'm just agreeing with Nikola. (NIKOLA!) If it gets over 100 (or over let's say 98) then you are allowed to bitch. The End. (OK, unless you're from that magical place where every other day of the year ranges no higher than 75 and no lower than 72.)

  3. My proof-I'm-not-a-robot-word was "diatumpe." I don't know why I find that funny...buuut I do.

  4. It was 95 degree inside my house when i got home yesterday... at midnight. I'm actually NOT complaining about the heat very much (which is unusual, because I really hate it and am usually the first one to complain), but I am complaining about the not-cooling-down-at-night part. That's just unreasonable.

    And yes, 2009: Year of Stupid Weather Extremes.