Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Disney's World.

Did you know you cannot buy a coloring book that is not Disney themed? I went shopping yesterday for a hot-weather activity to do with my niece... cuz I got a niece and two sisters along with that new husband... and the only options were Cinderella, Snow White, Nemo, Cars, etc. I don't know what I was expecting. Were there coloring books in my childhood of trees, butterflies, sandcastles? Perhaps not, but it seems like it.

And watching the opening scene to "Happy Feet"? The penguin is singing Prince's "Kiss" and finding her mate. She is actually drawn as an hourglass-figure-penguin, and while I find the artistry behind alluding to breasts on a penguin quite fascinating, I also find it a bit sexualized for a six year old. Maybe I'm seeing the point of a former acquaintance, whose children were allowed 30 minutes of television a day, and only comedies, musicals or quiet dramas created in 1950 or earlier. Seemed nutso at the time, but now I'm not so sure.


  1. Finding non-cartoonized ANYTHING--coloring books, sneakers, pajamas, whatever--is a struggle. I was horrified by the sexuality in Happy Feet (my children didn't watch it, by the way, but I caught a bit of it at a relative's house). Madagascar II (which my kids DID watch) has some serious innuendo going on as well.

    My suggestion, if you're looking for non-commercialized kids' toys, is to avoid the Targets and Toy R Uses and go to an independent toy store. I'm sure Portland is crammed full of them. Lots of fun, innocent stuff that is not plastered with logos and cartoon characters everywhere.

  2. You could make your own or there are some here:

    I definitely remember coloring books with non-Disney themes. Butterflies. ok butterflies. I think I distinctly remember butterflies. And My Little Ponies. But that most definitely belongs to someone.

    Also, Happy Feet what?!?! Penguins are adorable BECAUSE they are shaped like that. That's terrible. Not even girl penguins are allowed to be round? *sigh*

  3. You could also try the museums, which should have some c. books, and you support the museum at same time!