Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cold, flu, or SIBO?

Yesterday I woke up with a weird hacking cough. I've been off-and-on sick since the 12th of December with the cold that won't die, so I just thought this new cough was a slooooowly-fading-away form of the old cough, in a new form. And I was determined to start this SIBO Journey. So I did.

Today I have a fever and chills, the cough is definitely established in this new intense iteration, and I'm blowing my nose like crazy.

Is this an antibiotic side effect? Is this my body rebelling against the removal of anything resembling a traditional 'carb'? Is this just another cold? Is it the flu? (And I got a flu shot, dammit!) All I know is, I am basically miserable. (And I have a hellish week of work ahead where physical presence is required. Of course.)

But once you start an antibiotic, you have to stay the course. And if I'm taking these big-guns-drugs, I might as well keep on with the intense food restriction. And neither of those things are going to make me break this fever any faster. So that's where we are today - if yesterday was Tender, then today is Broken. And yet oddly committed to riding this out.

The menu is not an exciting one… more of all the same foods, plus a chicken stew with zucchini coins (cooked to mush). John told me it "smelled like death" but luckily I am so congested I couldn't even taste it! Small blessings?

Tomorrow and the next day I am due to add raw egg yolks and ghee to the menu. In the final piece of honesty, I learned this weekend that I can't give up coffee. I drink one or two cups every single morning, and apparently, have an addiction to it. I went without it twice in the last ten days (including yesterday) and by 3 PM, had a brutal headache that lasted until I had coffee the following morning. The lesson here is that from the get-go I'm not perfect on this process (though I am drinking it watered down, as suggested).

I excitedly found a couple SIBO Journey blogs… only to discover most of them were one or two intro posts, and then they stopped writing. So I hope to keep this SIBO one up, and begin adding more of my usual writing once again - it can't be all poop talk, all the time.

Can it?

(I'm kidding. It won't be.)

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