Monday, May 24, 2010


As in, I am.

But seriously, one more reason not to register for your wedding on the internets... I am sorta sniffing around a house for sale, we're going to look at it again tomorrow... and I thought I might be able to find the current owners on Facebook... see if they said anything about it. (In Portland, names of home owners are public record. Hello, for sale history, tax history, permits, noise complaints, everything!! I sought a Facebook profile for the owners' names.)

No such luck. But I did find their wedding registry! And I say: snobs.

(I also say: the house is in her name only, but they've been married 382 days. Thanks!)


  1. ...AND now they google you, find your blog and realize who they're dealing with (and don't fix the gutters because of it). :)

  2. You and Jen could become professional investigators...or stalkers. Whichever you prefer. You should see what Jen can do with a first name only and some factoid like, what their major is...a vague idea of where they live. Truly frightening that girl.