Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 things.

Two things I've learned so far at work this week:

If you have outstanding child support, you can't get a passport. Call me an a-hole, call me a conservative, but I am all for this one. Rights and privileges of being a gilded and certified American citizen need to come with responsibilities - and child support seems one of the most righteous to me.

You can spell it "gauntlet" but you can also spell it "gantlet"! And some grammarians even say that it should be "gauntlet" when you're throwin' it down and "gantlet" when you're runnin' it. This is 100% brand new spelling and grammar news to me… and you know how I love spelling and grammar news! So cool!


  1. Would it be wrong to create a shirt with your Buzz poster Nicole's slogan?

  2. Okay - when I read that the first time I thought you meant women with good child care had a hard time getting passports because they might just stay away if they were sure someone would take care of the kids. Which 1 - means I've been indoctrinated to believe that supporting children is the entirely the Mom's job and 2 - is further evidence that I really shouldn't procreate since that logic made perfect sense to me.