Thursday, May 13, 2010

2 judgments.

Recently, I shared two new things I learned at work. Today, I share with you two new judgments I am filled with righteous rage about this week. I'm working to breathe through them, let them go, but this is rough...

One: the rules apply to you. That's right... YOU! Federal rules, state rules, rules that are enforceable. Oh - and they apply to your kids, your parents, your neighbors. And don't forget yourself. Yes. You. Yes! All rules. Please note: that one you're trying to get out of IS included.

Two: you don't make a good case for immigration reform when you want to only apply said reform to your nationality, and you DEFINITELY don't want to apply reform to anyone who speaks Spanish. Your argument sucks that way and I don't like you very much. At all. AT ALL.

1 comment:

  1. Wait, what are you referring to?!?!

    And also I just realized that when I get frustrated with the news, I can just tune out. B/c I work with editing art videos, and I have that luxury. You, I just realized, no longer have that luxury. It's part of your job to be tuned in. Wow.