Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Anonymous Complaint.

I don't like getting people in trouble, so the names in this story have been withheld.

I belong to a CSA this year, and I love the idea more than I love the outcome. Other friends I have who belong to a CSA get weekly baskets of insane goodies - farm fresh fruits and veggies that overflow the fridge. I'm gonna join theirs next year if I can. Why?

Well, sometimes my CSA seems more eager to offer a wide variety than they seem willing to admit that 8 oz of potatoes ain't gonna feed a family of 2, much less the 3-4 it's intended to.

So, last week we got amazing peppers - sweet ones, hot ones, and skinny ones to saute - and a nice pound of potatoes. We got a beautiful head of cauliflower and two fresh, spicy, sticky heads of garlic. We also got "one head of lettuce" and please, if you will, check out the size of this lettuce:

It's adorable! It's crispy and fresh, even a week later! It's local and organic! But seriously. It's in miniature.


  1. Next year, you really should join our csa at Groundwork Organics. Brig and I have been quite happy with our weekly bounty... here is what we received last Friday: broccoli, red kale, spinach, salad mix, carrots, sweet dumpling squash, acorn squash, red chilies, brussels sprouts, liberty apples, arugula and red beets with beautiful green tops (that are part of tonight's dinner). The produce is fresh, it lasts through the week and most importantly, it tastes delicious. Also, when you shop their stand at the farmer's market, you get the csa discount.

    You know I must be really happy with their csa program because I actually posted a comment on your site. Wow! First it was texting, now it's posting comments on a blog... the doors you have opened, Emily!