Thursday, November 5, 2009

Apartment Living: Notes from the Dark Side.

There are so many, many ways for strangers to annoy you on any given day. And sharing a laundry room equals guaranteed annoyance.

So yesterday, when some random neighbor stuffed at least 2 loads of wash into one of the small, 70s era, shitastic machines featured at the Terrace where I live, I joyfully pulled out all the clothes, speckled with dry laundry detergent that never had a chance to dissolve since it never had a chance to agitate. I stacked it on the dryer. Then, all the larger chunks which tumbled to the bottom of the washer... quarter sized rocks of white granules... well, I artfully scattered them over the wet laundry, in case the point got missed.

The other news... a 2-bedroom is opening for rent soon here. There are 13 apartments on the Terrace; we are now third away from being the longest-term occupant. Of all the people who have moved since we arrived, all but one have moved out to buy their own home. I hope it's something in the water. So if you're looking, it's a second floor 2/1, has a deck, gets some light, cats OK, I'll find out the rent, but in the ballpark of $775, give or take, is my guess. Great location that we love, if cruddy construction, but hey, opportunities abound for passive aggressive behavior in the laundry room! What's better than that?!

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  1. Hahahah! But you make passive aggression STYLISH. Double points!