Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On my way to full grinchitude.

I am the New Years Grinch. C'mon, it's a one-second holiday! It's lame! Usually you spend the lead-up week jockeying for the coolest thing to do, and I've often spent the actual evening running around trying to find the "best" party for the mood, and it ends up lame. Give me a good movie and a nice dinner any night. Don't even care about staying up till midnight.

I am considering now also becoming the Birthday Grinch. It just seems overplayed. I'm 28 now, and never was there someone who loved her birthday - nay, birthday MONTH! - more than me. But the last 2 or 3 years, it seems like a whole lot more trouble than it's worth. It's designed to set up expectations and expectations are pretty much like the word assume, ha ha ha, if ya catch my drift.

I sincerely appreciate the cards, the gifts, the tokens, the loving souls who remembered on Facebook even though my birthday does not display!, but it's OK. I think the need has been met. I've wailed, "but it's my birthday!" enough times for an army of nine-year-olds, and it's becoming inelegant. Time to let it go. So...

Birthdays sucks. Grr.

- the Grinch

1 comment:

  1. some years are like that, nothing is forever...the birthday fairy may revisit, who knows?
    (agree on new year's eve, over played, staying home is the ticket)
    signed, introverted me