Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It is What You Make of It.

Don't people say that all the time? And isn't it totally annoying? Like, if your car gets broken into, you're NOT supposed to be upset or feel victimized? If you lose your job, you're NOT supposed to be angry and vulnerable?

So here's a story, however, about making of it what I will.

My debit card number was stolen this week, and someone tried to spend $2007.90 on a travel website. My bank denied it, called me, confirmed some purchases both before and after this attempt, and cut off the card. I'll be getting a new one in a week. Meantime, online banking and ATMs and checks are working, smooth sailing.

I could have flipped out about the lack of internet security. I could have wondered on what website it got compromised, or what merchant had their list stolen. I could distrust all forms of internet banking, and go back to stamps only and balancing my checkbook by hand. (Well, I am a geek who does balance her checkbook by hand, but you know what I mean.)

But I didn't. It was a fifteen minute interlude in the day, talking to the very efficient fraud department, learning I had not lost a dime, and will have a new debit card shortly. It was a blip. There were times in my life that it wouldn't have been be a blip: it would have been cause to allow all kinds of fears and prejudices and anger to come bubbling up.

So maybe, sometimes, it IS what you make of it.

And as I strive to choose calm, direct actions over insecure, frantic reactions, I am becoming ... lame! And old! And coming around to belief in that pithy adage.


  1. good for you. no sweat. nice going, bank.

  2. We just had an intriguing talk by the IT guy at campus. I've never really used my laptop while I was in school. Linfield was pre-laptop/surfing for me. There certainly were not a plethora of hackers at Grenada, and I never brought my computer to school anyways. But now I am required to. And the IT guy gave story after story of bank account destruction and identity mayhem (he is an amateur hacker himself). He said despite his best efforts, 8 of us would be hacked this term...5 of us to the point our bank accounts would have to be changed. Apparently campuses are hacking gold minds. Fascinating...yes. Terrifying...abso-frickin-lutely. Glad that you were able to handle it quickly and efficiently.