Monday, September 28, 2009

Notes from Our Idiocracy.

Some personal favorites from my Facebook work today... basically the opposite of Good Thing Friday. This is Pissed Off Monday; don't tell me the world isn't worth hating sometimes!

(These are different people, thank god. All on one page might cause spontaneous combustion. And they are not my personal friends. Even I'm not that dumb.)

Religious beliefs: Episcopalian yet Catholic, at the same time, some how! (Um, no. No you aren't. And you're an idiot.)

Favorite Books: Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Infinite Jest, Walden, The Bell Jar. (Guess how old this person is.)

Political Beliefs: Undecided. (This person is 29 years old. I'm not sure they ought to be advertising their inability to decide on something like this.)

1 comment:

  1. Is it OK to laugh? You're just so funny when you're angry...and also when you're not. But is it? OK to laugh I mean?

    Also I had a Fuck-You-Tuesday. Any day that starts with picking up a cat-pissed-on-box and then having the contents not only drip across the floor but two tiny drops onto your show is going to be frustrating at best. I guess it could have hit my foot. So, there's a bright side?

    Also, sorry that was really gross.

    Yay for Wednesdays!