Thursday, June 24, 2010


So whenever I buy something off Craigslist, I inform someone where I am going, when, who I am meeting, and that I will call or text when I'm done and safe. Am I crazy? I'm safe, that's what I am!

So right now... at 5:45 PM Pacific Time... the reverse is happening. We are selling something in advance of moving in a few weeks. And the buyer is clearly a serial killer. So I will post when we're safe because this guy... YIKES. He is chatting with John OK in the other room, but I think I was the first woman he's ever shaken hands with. We're talking Grade A Awkwardity here, my friends.


  1. Safety first :) I am glad that moving proceedings have begun!! Stop selling to serial killers. You will feel safer. I will feel better.

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  3. If you provide no intel on your future murderer how will anybody discover his most foul deed! Think Woman! Think!