Monday, June 7, 2010

Le Fridge.

As a potential boring ol' homeowner, please allow me a brief rant on refrigerators...

Why on earth is a unit with a freezer on the top and a fridge on the bottom called a "top mount refrigerator"?? And while I'll agree it is consistent, the kind with a fridge on the top and a freezer on the bottom is called a "bottom mount refrigerator"?? What? Ugh.

And speaking of top versus bottom mount... NO, it's not what she said... but rather, let me sing the praises of a bottom mount fridge. You can see all the food, you don't crouch down to get veggies out, the part you use less is out of the way... genius, right?! Genius! I grew up with one, and I'ma gunna get one in my new home.

(Yes, of course, a French-door fridge is really the way to go but *eek*! The prices!)

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  1. FYI...from a homeowner that has now gone through the horrors of appliance shopping for a home twice now. Standards TV & Appliance by far has the cheapest price. Plus they have a super cool room where the old show models/ones with tiny dings go and they are even cheaper. You can also bargain the pricing a bit...especially if you're buying multiple items. Home Depot can be cheaper on a sale but they are the devil when it comes to delivering your item. Best luck!