Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Perfection was achieved.

I went to brunch this past week with a total of 10.5 people... 10 adults, 1 infant who did not partake of the menu. (Though her Cheerios looked delicious.)

And as a group of old friends, new friends, and some as complete strangers to one another, we achieved perfection. We did!

The bill was $159. With a 20% tip, that should be $191. At the end of cash-counting, bill sorting and each person responsible for their own calculations... we ended up with $191 on the table.

I can die happy.


  1. In all fairness...the restaurant WAS doing all integer prices...if there'd been the dollars and cents and the pounds and pence might have been a different story.

  2. Way to never let an opportunity to disagree with me fly by!

  3. Aw...come on! I wasn't disagreeing; it was pretty awesome. Clarifying, I was clarifying. Didn't mean to squelch the bill love.

  4. But, yeah. It was kinda douchey of me. Sorry.