Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not Unless You Make Me.

There is a list that seems to grow all the time... the list of things that I hate to do, won't do 'em, and then when I am forced to do them?... I really like them.

Getting up early on the weekends tops this list. If I can get up and out of bed before 9 AM, I end up having loads of relaxation time, make it to church easily, and still carry a full social calendar. It also makes weekdays easier. But, oh, the warm, comfy, soft bed... and the cool, dark, quiet house... the battle continues.

So the new job has added another "not unless you make me" item to this list. The job is about 18 blocks away - or, an 18 minute walk. I have yet to tackle walking TO work, true. But I dread walking home as 5:00 creeps closer and I am flagging... but then I enjoy it fully every time. Crisp air, stretching my legs, marking yet another day I don't contribute additional carbon output (by getting to leave my car off).

I'll get back to you on finding the 18 minutes in the morning.

1 comment:

  1. I love the walking to work idea! I'm desperate for the good weather to start so Z and I can start riding our bikes in. (Although, doesn't Oregon need more snow to get us through summer?!)