Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Frank and Ruby

As far as the down and dirty of office life goes, I have very nice digs. (The kitchen, the commute, the desk, the parking, those kind of down and dirty deets.) I share a roomy office with two other women, and all of us agree to only use overhead fluorescent lighting on the darkest of days (yay!), and I have a window in front of my computer to look out of. A little bench (albeit often filled with smokers), some greenery, a walking path instead of a road, and something that is flowering in early February that draws the attention and love of Frank and Ruby.

For Frank and Ruby are hummingbirds! And I see them off-and-on all day long, sipping from these tiny yellowish cone flowers, Ruby showing off her shimmery scarlet breast, and Frank with his dapper green vest. For all I know they are both male or both female and I assume they are ten to a million different birds… BUT… I like Frank and Ruby. They were named by the previous occupant of my desk, the absolutely great - and burnt out - person who trained me on the gig. It's like this good luck talisman from her when Frank and Ruby buzz by, and there's nothing like watching a hummingbird, is there? You just HAVE to stop and watch, and the mini-breaks are perfect pieces of rest throughout the day.

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  1. Well Ruby is probably a Reuban, but it's lovely that you have some wildlife keeping you company. Do you remember the story of my Frank in Grenada (quite possibly a Francine as well...who knows)? He made doing the dishes a pleasant event as he was always there to keep me company. I hope that Frank and Ruby stay through the summer with you. You could always add a little hummingbird food outside your window...