Saturday, February 6, 2010

Delayed Gratification

Other than purchasing a wedding dress, I had a new experience this week... I bought clothes and did not get to go home with them!

A visit to the ol' Nordstrom Rack lightened my wallet by about $200, but friends! Romans! Countrymen! My idea of business clothes during two years of working from home sometimes consisted of clean sweat pants. For a meeting, at best I could swing a cardigan over my ultra soft (read: old; worn) tee shirt. So I was in desperate need of Congressional-worthy clothing, and that means that you don't go home with it!

But I did feel like a very fancy grown-up lady, standing on the platform, having my new pants measured and marked, choosing between cuffs or not. With a special ticket stub to pick up my pants when they are properly tailored, it is a tangible item that helps define this intangible, overwhelming feeling that my entire life has changed with the start of a new job.


  1. Fancy, I have never had or even been able to that. Molly

    PS Manantie was the word I had to type to post this, funny, since you love them, of course it has changed now since I added this PS.

  2. @Molly- I love the words we have to type for verification, and I have to stop myself EVERY TIME from not adding a second comment that simply states the word I had to type. (!!!)

    OK, now @Emily- Fancy clothes! Can't wait to see this fancy grown-up lady!!! (Although the very first time I met you, you were in a really pretty cocktail dress so that kind of set the bar high.)