Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Leap.

As promised on Facebook last weekend, I will make the leap from the film "Food, Inc." to misogyny in modern society.

The corporate, industrialized food movement has a basic, overarching tenet: make eating, cooking and food growing efficient.

Efficient? Should cooking be efficient? Should the most important, daily communion we take with our friends and our families be made more efficient?

The traditional "women's work" just continues to be disparaged and looked down upon in our society - cooking, keeping a home, raising children - so it is no wonder we've made eating and food preparation into an efficient, anonymous machine. Valuing the wonder and delight of a lovingly prepared meal with healthy, fresh ingredients is completely related to valuing said cook of said meal, and valuing their work as equal to makin' money money money; MONEY.

(And of course, men cook. My father cooks. Most professional chefs are men. But I'm talking about the day-in, day-out cookery - which for the last 50,000 years has been the realm of women. And if we keep tearing it down, we will keep tearing down our health, our vibrancy, our communitites and our happiness.)

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  1. I need to watch Food, Inc. once a week for the rest of my life. It inspires me to change how I live in this world. Unfortunately 28+ years of habit too quickly trumps good intention. We need to have a reading group....but instead it's a eat locally/make your own God damn meals group. Ooooh right. I don't live there. Hmpf.