Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Thing Friday

It's been a busy week, what can I say?

I don't think starting to drink coffee at age 27 qualifies as a Good Thing, but it's important backstory. Living in Costa Rica, I never slept in past 7:30 AM, and usually was awake a little after 6 AM. That's what a pretty constant 12-hours-of-light and 12-hours-of-dark will do to a person. And I worked in an office - a frantic, bustling, hilarious house-turned-office that seemed to be powered by coffee. I think I started drinking it my fourth day there, and I ain't lookin' back my friends.

But better than coffee is coffee with milk - remember the containers marked "LECHE MILK" in Costa Rica? It's how they all drank it in the office, so I did too.

And then I came home, and upped the ante to half-and-half, as pretty much everyone in my extended family, on both sides, enjoys it.

And THEN we reach the real Good Thing for this week: Friday coffee with heavy cream, real cream. Whipping cream. Try it. It is so outstandingly good you may even want to get out of bed on Friday morning just for the sweet reward.


  1. WORD, emily. heavy cream is my rare indulgence too. and i am a coffee drinker who requires half & half. 2% and even whole milk simply do not cut it. it's the fat that makes it thick and delicious.

    i should really treat my self to the heavy cream during tech. that's a good plan.

  2. Welcome to the dark side. Do you... dunk?

  3. Haha! I'm a late edition coffee drinker myself having started 3 years ago. My family (Father's side especially) are ravenous coffee drinkers so it's amazing I held off as long as I did.

    Cream? Sounds deeelicious! I'm trying to learn to like actual coffee instead of the sugar free vanilla no foam latte in which I partake daily.

    Yay for coffee!

  4. I had no idea! I guess we were just too busy during wedding visit to share a morning cup...yes, must have the half & half, as you well know.