Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Like You and Me.

The media says that the fucking idiot woman who yelled in Arlen Specter's face about how the gub'mint has awoken "a sleeping giant" is just like you and me.

She does not know how much money her husband makes, and "he pays the bills" and stuff.

She asked him "What are you going to do to restore the country back to what our founders created, according to the Constitution?" (I assume she is, indeed, including no voting rights for women, slaves who are counted as 3/5 of a person, and no more taxes -- which means no public schools and no road maintenance.)

She became a Republican when she got her first paycheck and saw how much money was taken out in taxes. (What a piece of work she is. Do you think she made, what, three or four paychecks before quitting and turning it all over to her husband? Wonder why we have record debt in this country... she doesn't even know how much her family makes!!!!)

She says Americans are "strong enough to do what we need to do" when it comes to health care. Whew. Thank goodness. I guess I just have to be strong enough to overcome any pre-existing conditions, ever possibly getting laid off from a job, not being able to afford co-pays, any reduction in dental care coverage and gosh darnit, I'll be fine!

She says the "goodness of the people" will help out anyone not covered by health insurance, so, like a Jez commenter said... I think I'll send her my health care bills. (If you can find her address, I'll give you a foot massage.)


  1. But it's important that the national media continues to report the health care "debate" as a series of furious sound-bites from people who don't know what they're talking about -- people just like me.

    I'm looking forward to interviews with the, "Guy who wants to know why the Coke machine won't take his dollar bill," on national monetary policy. Isn't his money as good as anybody else's?

    Also -- the woman who, "Had to drive around the block four times to find a parking space even though she had frozen food in the trunk," on America's transportation infrastructure crisis. Is that the pursuit of happiness promised by our founders?

    Not to toot my own horn, but I will be on CNN later this week to blow the lid off the education crisis in America. I will be interviewed on the topic of, "Why are you damn kids yelling under my window? Shouldn't you be in school? And pull up your damn pants." I'm hoping it leads to a regular spot. I think I'll call it, "America - It's All the Rage!"

  2. This morning I got in the car and thought, "Turn on NPR. It's time you stop hiding from those stupid health care stories." And then approximately 5 minutes later (driving time, I mean, I turn off the radio when I get my coffee at the little coffee hut. That place jams frequencies I swear.) So five minutes later they are talking about another one of these damn city hall meetings and they start a sound bite from some woman and how she's there b/c she's worried about the take over of the country and the dismantling of capitalism. I turned my radio off.