Monday, April 20, 2009

Wimp Post.

OK so first you have to watch this YouTube clip:


I got a huge laugh from this, and gave a nice snide, smug knowing laugh at the guy on the airplane who says, "This is bullshit!"

But we get our comeuppance, don't we?

Sign on my door on Friday reads, "On Monday April 20, the water will be shut off from 9 AM to NOON for repairs. We apologize for any inconvenience."

So today, at 12:10 PM, when it wasn't on yet, I was thinking, "This is bullshit!" And then immediately remembered that in Costa Rica, sometimes the water just turns off. Or slows to a trickle. And if the power happens to stay on, sure, you can call someone to complain. But the problem? There's just no water. There is too much development - houses, condos, malls, businesses, pools, lawns - without urban planning or zoning or environmental impact studies.

So, am I going to complain about the water being off for 3 hours and 20 minutes? No, I will not. I will remember that I had three days' notice and everything returned to normal in time for lunch.


  1. I loved that clip so much it's now on my FB page. A few years ago I was on a flight with a boy who was around 4 years old and it was his very first time on an airplane. He made the whole trip magical for us. He was so AMAZED at the fact we were flying...and he made everyone around him remember that we were sitting in a chair in the sky.