Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Tweets" from Today.

8:30 AM: I remember that my car's brakes, starting Monday night, are suddenly working at 25% capacity and I should do something.

8:45 AM: Oh yes. I remember again. Brakes. I have plans tonight, so I should get those fixed. Sigh. What a task; I have work to do!

9:15 AM: I call the mechanic, who was recommended to me by the chaplain where I was a hospice volunteer. He is, then, trustworthy. He says come over in an hour.

10:15 AM: I drop my car off, saying, please keep it to less than $200. I am saying goodbye to this car in a month and if it's more than that, eh. Junk it. I'll bus/MAX/cab it for a month.

11:45: AM: Mr. Mike the Mechanic (haha, get it?) calls me to say, $150 with parts and labor. It's all good. See ya after 2!

2:50 PM: I pick up my car, having spent the day productively working from Redwing Coffee, a bomb pastry/coffee/sandwich/everything place. My brakes bill is $151.57.

2:55 PM: My brakes are like new! Wow! So sensitive and, like, ab-fab'ly working.

7 PM: A realization: in Costa Rica, this would have taken two weeks, a bunch of cash, fifteen phone calls, two FedExs for parts, translating, waiting, begging, waiting and more. My lord. Life is SO easy. Problem solved in less than a day!!

*thus concludes the Costa Rica-themed posts. (maybe. probably.)*


  1. fantastic sounding day. glad you have new, awesome brakes, too! much safer than 25% brakes. and yay for Redwing! before they opened i rehearsed a show in that space.

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