Saturday, April 18, 2009

But... Really?

I had a prescription delivered via the mail-order pharmacy yesterday. It's much cheaper, inexplicably, to have it FedEx'd to me than to pick it up three blocks away... literally, $20 instead of $90.

But the invoice inside says, "Payment Due Upon Receipt."

Now, um, really? Because in Costa Rica, that means the guy will stand in your house till you pay him. Or, if he gets bored, he will leave and then send a courier service every single day (always at the MOST inconvenient time) to request payment until you DO pay. (Sometimes twice a day. Also, lots of phone calls.)

Somehow, I doubt they'll know if I put payment in the mail today, tomorrow or even - gasp - Tuesday!

1 comment:

  1. You have no idea how jealous I am that you are home in the US. I am getting island fever bad!!! It's a good thing I live alone because I've started to become EXTREMELY hostile when it comes times to do my dishes every night. You see...portions of my kitchen were designed using boat appliances/building supplies. So my sink is an itty bitty boat sink, and my fridge is a boat fridge (completely with ability to lock the door in case of stormy seas). All cute on first glance, but after living with them for awhile all I want is a double door refrigerator filled with Ben & Jerry's and a DISHWASHER. Sigh....3.5 weeks and counting.

    Oh! I talked to Meg today and to got to see baby Sam. Your presence has been requested for a visit!