Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Captcha and No Cell Phone.

NO CELL PHONE Living without a cell phone is amazingly easy. I see what Arthur's been talking about all this time. I honestly don't even think about it, but I admit, this is probably because I couldn't use the phone anyhow. Case in point: dinner tonight. I'm in a hotel, still, for a few nights, so I was wanting takeout after seven hours of meetings today. How to order takeout when you don't speak the language... ask the front desk! Armed with two phrases, and an order written down for a nearby Chinese restaurant, I had food within thirty minutes! Success! Admittedly, it wasn't great, but I thought of Ray because the sweet and sour had fresh pineapple. Ray, it was killer.

COMMENTING ON COMMENTS No captcha means that I can't log in and comment on my own blog! Ha! So briefly... I love reading your comments, everyone, and that address was a fake one, Arthur, as an example. I would post mine, but it will be changing on Thursday! As soon as we have la oficina con apartamento, I'll send it and we'll test the Costa Rican postal methods. (And Jen... yup. Our current office address, in English, would be: 225 meters north of Amistad Park and 125 meters northwest; orange house with two stories. San Jose, CR. I would add: triangulate that address, bitch!) And Kelly, you're right - the example address was a nod to NYC and everybody's favorite sex scandal para el dia, Mayor Sam Adams. And Kathryn, I would LOVE to see how your 6th graders would do with this! Or even Aly's trig or algebra students, with the triangulating from above, ha!

Thanks again for reading this, it makes me feel much more connected to my friends and family.

Pictures are forthcoming. I promise. This weekend there will be major stuff to photograph but tomorrow I'll still try to post some views from around my hotel. Which, in case you're wondering, is located at: Costado Este del Costa Rica Country Club, San Rafael de Escazu, San Jose, CR. That is, literally: Flanking the East Side of the Costa Rica Country Club, Neighborhood of Escazu in San Jose, CR.

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