Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Plans Gone Awry.

I promised pictures for today, but it won't be happening - yet. I want to post pictures of the flight from San Jose to Uvita in the Osa of Costa Rica, and I will, because I took the photos, and even if they're not perfect, they give a wonderful sense of the wildness, the jungle, the beauty of this place.

But until I'm able to do that, for now, I can tell you how I'm falling asleep. The room is tidy and cozy and gorgeous, in dark native hardwood, and the "windows" are doors that open into, quite literally, the jungle. Primary rainforest.

I am surprised by how loud the jungle is... or, la jungla in Spanish, but you gotta say it right... La Hoong-la. Que un sorpresa, so loud!

The cicadas, the howler monkeys, the falling leaves as big as my hand or more, the toucans that whistle to me, the breezes, the sound of the ocean below... and yet... I am bathed in a tropical breeze, I am glowing with the sea's humidity, I am safe in a warm and loving home. I've never fallen asleep in a place like this, and I wonder how it will go.

It is very, very dark. I can smell tropical flowers and I had fresh dorado for dinner with a mango salad on the side. The fan turns above me, and as I blow out my candle, I'm shutting down the computer and going to sleep, ready to try it in the jungle, in a tree house, under a slim moon and the brightness of Venus.


  1. I think it's already been said by the good man above.

  2. Love the updates Em! It sounds absolutely perfect.

  3. Emily, thank you for including me in your saga. Your writing only gets better - more immediate, personable, with clear narrative intent. I've enjoyed every one. But I loved this last one - the immediate sense of the jungle - the lushness and noise, the smells, sea air and humidity. I've had that experience and it is startling. Have a wonderful experience throughout your time there. Alanna