Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OK, there aren't any guayabanas in the photo, but at the fruit stand today (a truck, actually) my bosses and I couldn't figure out what a fruit was, so they sliced it open with a huge knife and tah-dah! Guayabana for everyone! It's not exactly my cup of tea, but it was interesting... only slightly sweet, it reminded me of passion fruit (I think?) in Hawaii. Big seeds, good texture.

The photo above is my fruit for today - an avocado, some strawberries and an orangey-clementiney thing. Total cost? Like $3. I had to laugh at the fruit display, in the bed of a truck, on the side of a busy road. Apparently this farmer is always there during the day and his produce is muy bueno, muy rica. But I laughed at the wonderfully sliced and displayed cantaloupes... what would they say at Elephants Deli!? (This is where I work catering a couple times a month.) I've been told melon can breed some kind of bacteria or something if it sits out too long, and I imagine that cantaloupe had been sitting out for a few hours, anyhow.

But these strawberries smell incredible. Wish I had smell-o-vision for you! And I apologize for not taking my camera. It was a good image but I felt silly being a tourist. But the promised weekend photos are a go, 100%. I'm off on Friday for Uvita, the Pacific Ocean, and what promises to be a rather incredible villa en la bosque.


  1. Eat all the fruit you can every every EVERY day. I still have dreams of Ecuadorian mangos. You're making me remind myself that we have great fruit in the summer. Must. Make. It. To. Summer.

  2. I am impressed at my sweetie's gradual introduction of Spanish into her typing... soon she will be completely incomprehensible to me! I knew it would happen someday ;P

  3. Too bad you can't ship some of that scrumptious looking fruit back to the states for us...Btw-- I love reading your blogs. Besides making me jealous of your very exciting jet-setting, world traveling life, you are a very fun writer (have you ever been called a "fun writer" before???) :)

  4. Oh-- and one more thing totally off topic-- Scott and I are doing all of our wedding photos BEFORE the ceremony as well ;)