Thursday, April 11, 2013


You know those cookies they serve on Delta flights? Biscoff? Two oval biscuits wrapped in red cellophane - a sort of spicy gingerbread graham cracker? I love them. I really love them. I have always loved them since my first Delta flight at age 7, and even today my dear sweet husband, who only flies Delta for business, brings them home for me from his travels.

Well, while there are loads of things I can - and need to - tell you about the new job, including the five million things I've learned about video transcoding and the overwhelming pace and drive that everyone there has - I must first tell you that Biscoff comes AS A SPREAD. IN A JAR. At sweet, spreadable room temperature.

It is the peanut butter version of Biscoff cookies. And it sits about 25 feet from me, in the common kitchen (1 of 2), that is stocked every week with tons of free food (both are), for all staff members.

I basically have an endless supply of Biscoff. This is quite the discovery. And quite the motivator - hello, 3 PM Treat!


  1. how delightful!! and what is the name of the spread?
    I'll order on internet if I can't find it! (remember your Dad getting his hands on LOTS of them on one flight?)

  2. I may have eaten an entire jars of this in a single day. They are now BANNED from our apartment.