Sunday, August 19, 2012

In the parking lot...

... of the Fred Meyer this weekend, I watched a man move his groceries from cart to truck. His truck was parked two spots away from the cart corral - and two spots away from a median. What did he do with his cart? He dragged it up onto the median, precariously perched there - which was the exact same distance away from him as the corral.

The point here is that I'd like to be a little less observant. I'd like to see fewer things going on around me. I think it would be better for my blood pressure and the world overall if I was spaced out more often, in my head, wandering along not noticing things. Any tips?


  1. I don't actually understand how most people get through the world w/o obsessing over these sorts of details. I have road construction between work and home. Each day I watch that one car try and race ahead of the pack and then slide in right before the left lane ends due to the construction. There was a sign a half mile back and the rest of us got over early. But every time there is that one person. Or the person at 13th and Multnomah who walks when the walk sign says no walking and the people with the left turn light (green) have to wait. On the other hand, I almost tripped about 4 times on my jog tonight because I couldn't stop staring at the brilliance of summer flowers or how the dimming sun kept dramatically altering the glow in the clouds.

  2. oh, so true, from one of my spiritual books, "the world and its people are often quite wrong', on to serenity prayer, and all that....argh-gh,people!