Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why do we have Netflix?

(This will not be a post bitching about Netflix pricing. I maintain that if the leap from $12 a month to $18 a month hurts your finances that much... then you, my friend, have bigger financial problems than your DVD/DVD+streaming/streaming subscription(s).)

No, instead, we have it so that I can start watching the old TV show thirtysomething! I remember my parents always watched it, and I thought, heck, I'm 30 now. Let's see what it was about in the 80s instead of in the 20teens. Two episodes in, I notice:
  • the clothes are amazing;
  • Timothy Busfield is shockingly less handsome as a young man than as an older man;
  • sound mixing has evolved leaps and bounds;
  • the conversations are more realistic, and about more universal subjects, than on any sitcom I've taken in in a long while. Hmm.

1 comment:

  1. Is Busfield really less handsome or is Elliot Weston (didn't even have to look that up) just so much more of a jerk than Danny?

    Also must respectfully disagree about the clothes - Hope and Nancy look like they're hiding bunnies on their shoulders, and Michael's pleated pants... Has Melissa started wearing the super ugly coat yet? Sorry - spoilers!