Monday, November 28, 2011

News Round-Up, Version N.Y.T.

Good morning! It's news time.

I think my friend Nikola ghost-wrote this.

And they wrote this article solely for my friend Micheal, who already heats his bedroom with his supercomputer during the cold chunks of the year.

This one is for my cousin, for both the insight into GF food and the marketing of an international company.

I already sent this to Meg but it's really good, and Lemon would like it too.

There are two for Meggie - one that's op-ed and national and one that's news and local (47 kids in an algebra class!?!?).

And as this article sadly says, "Sometimes the story that science tells us isn’t the story we want to hear." My husband the pragmatist, my husband the unsentimental, my husband the striving pianist - this article is for him.

So I read a lot of news, but I think about everyone while I do it!


  1. As my feet are warmed by the gentle hum of my computer my heart shouts, "Sign me up!" into the cold dark of my apartment.


  2. love the article for Michael -- ha, gives me hope!

  3. Aww shucks baby! I am just grateful that you get to listen to my 4,500th through 10,000th hour of practice!

  4. Thanks for the articles Em! I have the "How about Better Parents" posted in my office AND the head of school sent it to us as well :). Every time I see or hear of more than 30 kids being put into a classroom (which is the reality in many schools), I feel so disheartened. I feel bad for the teachers because managing children of any number is not easy let alone 47 and I feel bad for the students because they are not getting the attention and support they need. It's not fair that only affluent schools have a cap on class size. In fact, ours is capped at 19 but I usually only have 16-18 per class. What a difference it makes...